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Mention: How Trump can win the ObamaCare fight: End the "friends and cronies" exemption for Congress • Fox News

by Heather Higgins

"The president should announce that he is instructing OPM to end the exemption and subsidies for Congress."

Statement: Challenge of Repeal Process Shows Need for Trump to Undo Congressional Special Exemption

by Victoria R. Coley

“The difficultly of passing even the ‘skinny’ bill highlights that if President Trump is sincere about wanting a serious effort at repeal and reform of health care, he must tell Congress that he will be ending the Obama Administration’s Congressional special exemption, and that the Affordable Care Act will apply to Congress and all their staff the same as it does to all other Americans on the exchanges, as the law intended...

Make Senate vote to repeal ObamaCare's individual mandate tomorrow

by Heather Madden

Repealing the individual mandate in ObamaCare keeps the fight for full repeal and replace going in Congress.

Mention: Why does Congress get subsidies for healthcare? • Tucker Carlson Tonight

by Heather Higgins

Heather Higgins' latest op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, Force Congress’s Hand on Health Care, was discussed on Tucker Carlson Tonight

Money & Ethics in Trump White House • MSNBC Live

GOP to Unveil Healthcare Plans But Some Conservatives Pushing Back • Coast to Coast


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